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Acquiring Custom Furniture

Before the days of mass production, each piece of furniture was hand crafted to the buyer's specifications. Made with care by individual craftsmen these pieces were treasured family heirlooms. It is possible to acquire this type of furniture today. Just follow the steps outlined below and you will soon have a family heirloom custom designed and hand crafted that reflects your unique style and flair.

Step 1. Use your imagination. Don't limit your concept of what you want by your knowledge of wood. Let your imagination run free. Consider using other materials such as glass or stone. Furniture should be decorative as well as functional.

Step 2. Don't worry about design details - that is my job. With over 25 years as a mechanical designer, I will lend my expertise to make sure each piece is soundly designed and built to give you generations of durability and beauty.

Step 3. Be open to the beauty of the wood. There are many wood's available in today's market, from Abura to Ziricote. Wood comes in many colors and shades and grain patterns. Using this broad palette of materials will produce a piece that is most unique. I can help you with the selection of the woods and other materials, I do not believe in staining wood as this process fills the pores of the wood with a pigment, thus decreasing the beauty and the natural iridescence of the wood. I also recommend a clear finish that will let the beauty of the wood be seen yet protect the wood from minor bumps and scratches.

Step 4. Call or email for a preliminary discussion of your needs. We will discuss the function and style of the piece. It may be appropriate for me to visit and view the surroundings in which the piece will be used. I also like to meet you face to face so I can get to know a little bit about you. This helps me to create a design that is uniquely yours and reflects something of you.

Step 5. Plans and a quote . I will prepare a plan for your furniture that will show the overall appearance when finished. This will be accompanied by a quotation for price and an estimate of delivery time. Upon your approval of the plans and quote and a 50% deposit, work will begin. You are welcome to visit my shop at any time during the building of your furniture to view the progress of your furniture being hand crafted

Now - go to step one and enjoy the pleasures of creating a beautiful and functional family heirloom.

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