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David A. Petersen - Furniture Maker/Designer, retired

David PetersenAward Winning Designs


Graduated Iowa State University, Mechanical Engineering Technology, 1968 with an award winning career in product and manufacturing design.

Design Philosophy

Natural materials such as wood and stone are unique and versatile materials that God has given us. Their range of natural colors, grain patterns, luster and durability make them a joy to work with. I learned this at my father's knee as a child watching him craft much of the furniture in our home. I have always enjoyed working in wood, and after a 25 year career as a mechanical designer and business executive, I decided it was time to do something I really loved.

My joy in working with wood comes from merging the natural splendor and functional qualities of wood with an artistically inspired and meticulously crafted design - yielding furniture and other items that are not only unique and beautiful, but also useful and timeless. These treasures are a joy for me to make and a joy for their owners as well.

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