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Designing Custom Furniture – The Process

 Design is the process of teasing a wisp of imagination into being and then refining it into an exact, workable concept. Craftsmanship is the effort of fashioning materials to the specifications of the design. Design and craftsmanship go hand in hand. I have expertise in both areas to assist you in creating that special piece of furniture that you have been dreaming about, but can't find in any store.

 Design is problem solving. When I work with you, you provide the "wisp of imagination", an idea with which we will work on together to produce results that will delight you.  This process includes determining the relevant criteria the design must address such as style, function, scale, materials, color, finish and budget.  Many times this process starts with a photograph or pictures of existing pieces, sketches and some idea of sizes and function. Whenever possible, I like to see the room in which the furniture piece or pieces will be placed. This helps me develop an appropriate scale and styling to fit the space. Although I prefer to personally visit the room or space, photographs sent via the internet can suffice.

 We then work together to tease that “wisp of an idea” into a workable design. This process involves brain storming, looking for definition and clarification of everything from basic concept to details. This will include sketches, drawings, written descriptions, physical samples of color and texture. Then the process of revision and refinement takes place. This will include the first draft of working drawings that are to scale so that relative proportions are evident. I make my working drawings using a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) program. This allows me to create the designs full scale. From these drawings, a three dimensional rendering can be generated. Some projects will require building a mock-up or a prototype that can used to more completely visualize the piece and make it possible to clearly define any revisions that are needed. If a prototype is created, it will be available for you to place in your home for your approval. All prototypes remain the property of Masterpiece Furniture Creations.

Furniture design involves a balance between many variables. Refining your "wisp of imagination" depends on:

In the end, observation, commonsense and experience are most important in designing and making custom furniture.


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