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Thoughts on Design

Sam Maloof – “make pieces that function well and are beautiful, but function comes first”. "I have seen tables you couldn't eat off, chairs that you couldn't sit on, cabinets that were so shallow you couldn't put a pair of socks in them. They were beautifully made and nice to look at, but I felt a piece could be very beautiful and very functional at the same time, and that is really the center of what I do. I want my chairs to invite people to sit on them. This has been my objective since my first commission."

Sam Maloof has pieces in the White House and the Smithsonian Institution and is hailed as a National Treasure. I have been fortunate to have studied under Sam at the Anderson Art Ranch in Snow Mass Village, Colorado. My Unfolded Chair and Reflections Writing Desk  were inspired by my time with Sam.

David A. Petersen – “use the wood that is the appropriate color for the piece you want. Staining is just diluted paint and hides not only the the iridescent qualities of the wood but also the natural patina that the wood will develop over time.

George Nakashima - “Each log, board and plank should only have one ideal use.


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